Paul Melko

Paul’s fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. SINGULARITY'S RING, his first novel, was released from Tor in February 2008 and a science fiction collection, TEN SIGMAS AND OTHER UNLIKELIHOODS, was released from Fairwood Press in March 2008. His novella “The Walls of the Universe” was nominated for the Sturgeon, Nebula, and Hugo Awards in 2007.

His second novel, THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE appeared in February 2009. It was optioned by Aron Warner of Strange Weather. The sequel to WALLS, THE BROKEN UNIVERSE was released in June of 2012.

The Walls of the Universe

A cross-universe adventure story of a teenager lost among worlds! Will he ever get home? Learn More

The Broken Universe

A group of unverse-hopping entrepreneurs build a transuniversal company, until the multiverse police find them. Learn More

Singularity's Ring

The debut novel from a exciting new voice in SF about what happens after ninety percent of humanity leaves Earth. Learn More

Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods

This far-ranging collection highlights Melko's adaptability as he shifts from multiple universes to caped crusaders. Learn More

Blog Posts:

Tor Blog Post // Jun 11

My blog entry on multiverse books is here at the Tor site.

WriterTalk Interview // Jun 11

Doug Dangler of OSU’s Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing interviewed me for their WritersTalk show. Here’s the You Tube video of the interview.

Czech Version of Singularity’s Ring // Jun 11

The Czech version of Singularity’s Ring is out and with this amazing cover by Daniel Dociu. Dociu did the original cover.

The Broken Universe is Out! // Jun 11

My third novel, The Broken Universe, is out as of June 5th! It’s a sequel to The Walls of the Universe, which is out in paperback as of May 22nd! Here are some reviews the book has been getting:
Don D’Ammassa
Harriet Klausner
Fantasy Literature

Here’s an excerpt.

The Broken Universe to be Released in June // Mar 16

The sequel to THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE is scheduled for release June 5th, 2012. THE BROKEN UNIVERSE will be out in hardcover from Tor Books. It’s a direct sequel to WALLS and follows the adventures of my protagonists, John Rayburn, his doppelganger John Prime, and his friends Grace and Henry. The end of book 1 found the four trapped in Universe 7651 after escaping the Alarians in Universe 7650. They’ve built a new device in 7651 to return home, only to find that the Alarians have found the first gate John built. But now with the ability to build transfer gates between universes, the Pinball Wizards start building a transdimensional company, one that uses differences between universes as ways to make money and use ideas.

The New Web Site // Jul 20

I should get off my butt and launch this site, shouldn’t I?

Latest News:

Refrigerator magnets for the new book have arrived. If you want one, let me know, and I’ll get it to you. While supplies last!

I’ll be on Writers Talk May 14th and 16th. Hear me talk about myself.

Here’s a link for the Walls book signing!

Short Stories:

The Summer of Seven

"In the summer of our fourteenth year, we weren't the only one to live with Mother Redd on the farm in Worthington. That was the year the Seven came to stay."

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Released under a Creative Commons License.

The Walls of the Universe

"John looked at this other John, this John Subprime, and decided he would be the one. He was clearly a Johnny Farmboy, not one of the Johnny Rebels, not one of the Broken Johns, so he would be wide-eyed and gullible."

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Nominated for the Sturgeon, Nebula and Hugo Awards in 2007. Originally published in Asimov's April/May 2006 issue.

Strength Alone

"Strength Alone" is part of a series of stories about an unusual branch of humanity. It is the first chapter of Singularity's Ring.

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Nebula Award Preliminary Ballot Nominee in 2005.


March 6, 2012: OSU Barnes & Noble in Columbus, Ohio

May 22, 2012: THE WALLS OF THE UNIVERSE mass market edition release at the OSU Barnes & Noble in Columbus, Ohio

June 29, 2012: THE BROKEN UNIVERSE release at the OSU Barnes & Noble in Columbus, Ohio